Monday, November 1, 2010

Major Update! Sorry Posted in Awhile

Hey guys really sorry I haven't been updating I will get back to regular routine most likely later today.

I have had a really rough week that was full of depression and hopelessness. It sucks how you give that special person your heart and she just pretty much breaks it in only a few seconds. Feels bad.. I have done nothing but bawww and feel hopeless.

Whoever's reading this and has that special significant, hold onto them. Once you lose it you realize what you have lost and it is too late.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Music Review: David Guetta ft. Michele Belle - Read Your Mind

My first top 40 review! So if you're in the scene you know who Guetta is, sexy bitch anyone? There's nothing special about this song other then another song to add to the tracklist. It will keep the girls dancing however, and that's all that matters. The chipmunk voice from Michele sounds mad annoying but if you're drunk and don't care it's a tolerable song. Drop this with the endless selection of electro at your disposal and you're good to go

Friday, October 22, 2010

Gaming Review: Amnesia: The Dark Descent

It takes a lot to scare me. Games nowadays provide cheap 1 sec scare tactics that aren't genuinely frightening after its over (aka Dead Space). Luckily a little independent developer from the creators of the Penumbra series has revived the true horror genre since Silent Hill.  Does the PC exclusive indie developer bring thrills and chills or is it a wash in the dark?

Of course playing any horror survival game has to be in the right conditions. It has to be dark, late at night, and nothing but the monitor on by yourself. Having my comp hooked up to a 5.1 surround sound system I could enjoy every inch of detailed sound. Having prepped myself I could not have imagined a more frightening game. This game is SERIOUSLY scary. You are enveloped in a world that can kill you through either monsters or paranoia. The worst part is you can't fight them. You have your wits, and your reflexes and thats it. If you're slow too bad you die. The atmosphere of the game is just as involving as the actions you do. During a particular scene where the ground was covered in water there was an invisible monster that you could only tell by the splashes. This seriously scared the living shit out of me as I was frantically running away. If you are looking for something that doesn't have cheap thrills this is the game.

The unique aspect of the game from obviously having no weapon is the physics engine. You pick stuff up and throw it against the wall to reveal new items. This is useful for solving puzzles and whatnot. Theres a paranoia system that literally causes you to go insane if there isn't any light. At one point of the game I had to actually had to turn on the lights for a little bit and I don't get scared easily. If you played the Penumbra series you will see many similarities. It is a shame this game isn't as widely known as I'd like it to be. Frictional Games created a truly unique and downright scary game that deserves AAA status. I look forward to hopefully another game from them in the future.

From beginning to end you are sucked in a world full of psychotic turmoil that you adventure through. Everything from the lighting to the music just adds to the eeriness that is Amnesia. If you are looking for a downright scary game that isn't cheap and watered to 2 second scares this is the game for you. Never have I played a game that truly scares you, something that even AAA developers have a hard time attempting. It isn't very intensive so as long as you have a moderate PC you can play this game with no hickups. Please support this indie developer and buy this game. It is available through their main website here: or on major digital distribution sites. It is definitely worth it ;)

Quick Update! Paranormal Activity 2 and Upcoming Game Review

Sooo just got out of the theaters watching Paranormal Activity 2. I went in thinking it was gonna suck. And low and behold it sucked.. It was mad disappointing and only had literally about 10 minutes of "scaryness" in it. Dunno why it was mad hyped, people will get scared of anything..

Anyways! To make up for this disappointing movie I'm going to review a game that is at least 100x scarier than anything I've seen in awhile. Stay tuned for more!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Music Review: Michael Jackson - Thriller

Halloween is coming up folks, and if you're a dj and you don't play this song shame on you! This classic jam from the 80s is one of MJ's most iconic songs. I.E "He made Thriller!" Everybody from kids to adults will recognize it instantly and start trying to do the dance. Whether its a simple house party or a major gig it WILL rock the crowd.
Now my question to you guys, what are you gonna be for halloween? As for me I'm gonna be Waldo =p

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gaming Review: Kirby's Epic Yarn

Kirby's Epic Yarn

Nintendo has been known to do their own things: release games on Sunday, create games that replicate the same formula i.e Zelda, but have never forgotten who they are which is creating a fun and family oriented game. Does Kirby's latest installment stay true to the series or does it reinvent itself with a unique world made of yarn?
If you are familiar with the Kirby series you will know this game was made in the mind of simplistic fun that anybody can pick up and play. While it does introduce a brand new concept of Kirby being made of yarn which in turn allows him to have a variety of powers it still feels like a Kirby game. This is great because throughout the game you are drawn in the world with its colorful design and beautifully orchestrated music. The storyline is very easy to understand and does provide amusing dialogue. It is presented in a storybook manner which is very appropriate.

Moving on to gameplay the controls are really easy and fluid. A classic sidescroller is what Kirby does best and this is no exception. Despite Kirby not having the iconic vacuum power it is made up with original ideas. Because he is made of yarn it allows him to morph into different objects. For instance he can morph into a single strand of yarn to get through narrow passages or a UFO to allow him to levitate. The animations of each power add the cuteness to Kirby which makes me appreciate what the artists have done with the game.

The only drawback some people might have with this game is it is too easy. You cannot die persay but you do lose your power. However you can still get through each level with breeze. Adding coop to the game is rather fun and addicting. All in all it is a game I fully recommend with its beautiful artstyle and staying true to the series. Despite being relatively easy it is enjoyable along the road and with many extras that make the game last longer. Definite buy for any Kirby fan.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy B-Day Nintendo!!

On this day 25 years ago Nintendo revived the videogame industry with this revolutionary system. I have so many memories with this that it pales in comparison to todays consoles. Heres to another 25 Nintendo and hope you keep going strong! As a tribute to one of the greatest companies that brought many icons I am going to be doing a full review on Kirby's Epic Yarn!! Stay tuned tomorrow for the review.

In the meantime I have question, what was your first game on the NES? Mine was Double Dragon =D